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Your Views: County leaders invoke Nixon in purge of officials
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The Times editorial staff should be congratulated for showing a strong backbone in regards to its opinion printed Jan. 9, calling out the three newly elected Hall County commissioners for their lack of transparency and Nixon-style "Saturday Night Massacre" politics.

Our local newspaper has finally done something that has been lacking from this media source for a long time. It has taken on the role of political watchdog and should continue this pursuit, not only on the editorial page but through the increase of investigative reporting of all local government entities.

The actions of Craig Lutz, Scott Gibbs and Ashley Bell are incomprehensible. To dismiss public service workers without just cause smacks of cowardice and egocentric mentality that is hard to justify. These elected officials may not have violated any laws prior to being sworn in, but their preplanned agenda violates the democratic call for transparency and degrades the concept of government in the sunshine.

Lutz has continued to show his true colors in attempting to stop the appointment of the Rev. Jeff Benefield to the Hall County Tax Assessors Board. Lutz was quoted in The Times stating that he would feel better putting someone on the board that he has a personal relationship with, someone who would keep him informed and take input from him on what he is hearing from the constituency.

Is he implying that Benefield would not perform the job he was sworn to do? By his own admission, Lutz does not even know him. How can he judge what Benefield will or will not do? What an insult to Benefield and the people of South Hall. If you don't know Benefield, then you don't know the community you are serving. For me, this is strike two.

Lutz may think he has a mandate. But when fewer than 14 percent of registered voters put you in office, I would tread lightly on how far you play the Prince Machiavelli card. The civil servants and the citizens of this community deserve better. If this is the type of leadership we are facing, then the third strike should mandate a recall movement amongst voters.

Mark Dunn
Flowery Branch