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Your Views: Could Hillary be on the way back in?
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Something fishy is going on in the Obama campaign. There may well be lipstick on a pig, but for not for the usual purposes. A ruse is on.

The Obama poll numbers are in a free-fall. The decisions to use Styrofoam columns as a backdrop to his convention speech and choosing Joe Biden as his running mate now appear politically unsound. It seems his campaign has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Recently, it was reported that Biden stated that Hillary Clinton may have been a better choice than he for vice president. In one fell swoop, Biden demeaned himself, questioned the wisdom of the Democratic candidate that chose him and elevated the status of Obama's primary adversary, Clinton.

Biden's performance since the Democratic Convention has been so erratic and his missteps so glaringly obvious that it makes one think this behavior is purposeful.

Imagine if you were Obama and you read that the vice presidential candidate you had so thoroughly vetted has stated that Hillary may have been a better choice. When I read this, I felt sorry for Obama. That is until I realized that this all may be a ploy to get rid of Biden.

With Biden gone, the door opens for Obama to then choose Hillary. Just like that, the Palin issue and the disenfranchised Hillary voters, so they would think, would be resolved. Biden's exit will be shrouded in other issues to explain his withdrawal from the ticket and a cabinet post will be available to him for his unselfish sacrifice to the party.

Obama, it is reported, met with Bill Clinton on Thursday, the day after the "Hillary may have been a better choice" remark. Could it be that exit strategies for Biden are already in the works?

Mark my words, I have not read this anywhere: the Clinton's are back, Biden is gone and Hillary will re-enter to save the day as Obama will value victory over principal.

Regarding the Clinton's, as Mark Twain said, "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

John McHugh

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