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Your views: Christians, learn for yourselves about nations moral downfall
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Of the many contemporary newsworthy happenings — floods, earthquakes, drought, home foreclosures, soaring fuel prices, food contamination, bottom of the barrel choices for the next president, space station toilet failure, etc. — why is the news media hyping California’s recognition of gay and lesbian marriage as the best thing since Velcro?

In my opinion, the present emphasis on same sex marriage is serving two purposes. First and foremost is the fact that the concept of democracy, i.e., majority rule, like world peace is nothing but a futile figment of man’s imagination. Where else but in America are people experiencing the subtle destruction of the morals of our nation by those people we entrust to protect and uphold principles of good and natural decency?

The same sex marriage decision made by the California Supreme Court is just a prelude of what to expect from the U.S. Supreme Court. I, too, will have to respond to similar national destructive and demoralizing agenda that will be crammed down the throats of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Taxpayer. So get ready! America as we know it will soon be a thing of the past.

Another reason for the media hullabaloo appears to be deeper and shrouded from the minds of most people. What better incentive for the thousands of anti-sodomite sermons that will invariably emanate from the podiums of thousands of well-meaning Bible teaching and Bible-thumping preachers. Yea, invariably, with few exceptions, these sermons will be the distorted ideas and opinions of the religious community on how to reclaim these folds by preaching the gospel.

Is one picture showing thousands of sodomites expressing their love for one another worth more than the truth of a few words contained in Scripture? Romans chapter one reveals the true source of such lifestyles and indicates what to expect from them. You so-called Christian preachers and teachers, get off your pew-holders and search out the truth, and present it to your too-lazy-to-read-for-themselves congregations.

We members of the body of Christ should be elated that we are beginning to see and experience the same physical, emotional and spiritual difficulties that our brothers and sisters in Christ had to deal with in the first century. When one compares and contrasts the lifestyles of the citizens of ancient Rome, Corinth, Ephesus, Philippi or Colosse with that of Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, Gainesville, Flowery Branch or Oakwood, only the names have been changed; the ungodliness is the same.

The early apostolic church was in competition with the false worship on ancient idols and the gods and goddesses of sensual pleasure. Many members of the body of Christ appear to be succumbing to one of more of the spiritual titillating doctrines of the supposed waves of the Holy Spirit.

I would be amiss if I did not give some sage advice regarding the topics under discussion. So here goes: Read the Scriptures for yourselves and discover what is really written rather than being duped by the false teachings of some jack-leg, denominational-trained preacher or a so-called, spirit-anointed, money-grubbing, pseudo-mega church charlatan.

William P. Clark

Flowery Branch