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Your Views: Board members should have checked time sheets
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I would like to respond to Saturday's article, "Tax board greeted with pay questions."

If Bill Vaughan and Terrell Gaines are so well-educated, as they claim in the article, why didn't they at least look at their time sheets, as they would have seen that someone (accidently) marked them wrong?

I would like to introduce Mr. Vaughan and Mr. Gaines to an intelligent, though very simple, way to keep this type of controversy they have encountered on the sidelines.

I am sure I don't have the same education they do, but when I worked, I looked at and signed all my time sheets. That was the best way I found to make sure they were marked right, and that I didn't get any more or less than I was supposed to receive.

Mr. Vaughan and Mr. Gaines, I don't believe you are "scum." I just don't think you have been completely honest with the taxpayers of Hall County. Remember, honesty is always the best policy.

Paul S. Barnes
Flowery Branch