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Your Views: Beware efforts by Democrats to increase control
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We are seeing an attempt at a rolling coup d’etat by socialistic, hard left Democrats.

In 1913, the Federal Reserve gave government control of private monopoly banking and the 16th Amendment allowed a progressive income tax, promised by Democrats never to exceed a few percent. In the 1930s, Social Security and control (now) of about 10 percent of the U.S. budget, a Ponzi scheme that is illegal for everybody except the government. In 1965, the War on Poverty and Aid to Families with Dependent Children; by paying single mothers to have illegitimate children, the Democrats single-handedly ruined poor families.

In 2009, mortgage institutions, student loans and automakers are taken over by the government.

Now they tell us, "This health care bill must be passed this week!" However, Democrats plan to delay implementing it until 2013, after Obama’s re-election, because they know Americans of all kinds do not want this kind of health control at all.

The Democrats suppose they might lose big in 2016, after they have had three years to dismantle the U.S. medical system. By then, they hope to have all kinds of communistic controls in place. They will also have liberal bureaucrats in place everywhere in the permanent bureaucracy in D.C. Like Social Security, it will be too late to change it back. They think: Just get it done. Forget what the American people want.

You will notice that these Democratic programs are put in place by not telling the truth about their actions or the consequences. In health care, they may change some words, perhaps from "public option" to "co-op" or "trigger." The reality does not change. They intend to force or entice everyone into a "single-payer" system, under penalty of jail or fines. But they will keep their present private health insurance, thank you.

Put life or death into a single payer’s hands, while reducing Medicare, and you will be just fine, they say; trust us. But if this bill passes, everywhere you look you will see government control of life and death.

We must be skeptical. Don’t believe what they say; watch what they do.

Now little kids in kindergarten are being taught to sing the praises of the secular messiah, Barack Obama. That smacks of a "cult of personality" resembling the "thugocracies" of Cuba’s Castro and Venezuela’s Chavez.

The time to stop it all is now. Conservatives need to recall 2 Chronicles, 7:14. We must do at least three things: Pray, repent and keep the pressure on. The outcome belongs to God, who judges all nations, but the sweat belongs to us.

Do not stop now. Do you recall when candidate Obama said his administration would have all bills in Congress on the Internet for seven days? Republicans in the Senate recently proposed an amendment requiring that the health care bill be put on the Internet for three days before a vote. The Democrats rejected that amendment on Sept. 23.

Like I said, don’t believe what these hard-left Democrats say. Watch what they do. Then vote them out, and keep them out.

WT "Ted" Hinds

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