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Your Views: Americans, stand up for your liberty
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What am I willing to fight for?

I'm nearing 70 years of age. I have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. I have worked at numerous jobs since my 14th birthday and spent a career of 31 years working for a major airline.

I have paid my taxes, including income, property, Social Security, sales, ad valorem and Medicare. I have voted in almost every local, state and federal election since I turned 21. In my own estimation, I have been a good citizen.

This mornings news about the passage of the health care reform bill has caused me to sit back and ask myself: What am I willing to fight for? At my age, with the horizon of eternity in view, what am I willing to, once again, bear arms and fight for?

When government usurps the power of the people and rules against the desires and best interests of the governed it has become a government of tyranny. I, like my ancestors before me, am willing to fight to lift the yoke of tyranny from the shoulders of my children and grandchildren.

My question is this. Is the heart of the American people still alive and filled with the love of liberty, or have we become a people so self indulgent that we care only about ourselves and our own individual wants?

It is time for change and this time lets make it change for the better!

Thomas Day

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