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Your Views: Americans should come together, even when we disagree
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I am wondering: When did Americans become so disrespectful? Whether you like President Barack Obama or not, he is the president of the United States of America.

Over the last couple months I have noticed a growing trend that really upsets me. Some of the well-known news stations are referring to our president as Obama instead of President Obama. I have never in my life seen this type of disrespect given to a president. An example of this was when schools refused to show President Obama’s speech to the kids. Every president that I can remember has addressed kids with no problem. What are we teaching our kids when we show disrespect to the leader of our country?

I know a lot of people disagree with what President Obama stands for but how can we, as Americans, help build our country if we don’t respect the highest office held in America? I know other countries are loving watching us degrade each other.

We are not going to always agree with each other nor like each other all the time, but I want to send out a charge to my fellow Americans on both sides of the political walls to step back and remember we all have one thing in common. We want American to return to the country it once was, a place were we can be proud to call home.

Think about it in football terms: President Obama is the quarterback of the team and everyone on the team does not feel the quarterback is doing a great job. Some feel the secondary quarterback needs to be starting, but instead of bringing the whole team down, the secondary quarterback waits on the sideline until it is his turn to show what he can do. Even though there are two sides within the team, they all come together on game day and try to win. If the team set aside their differences and does this every game, they could win the highest award in football, the Super Bowl.

Just think: If we Americans thought this way, how wonderful our country would be if we could have a better chance at winning back the name and respect America once had.

Cheryl Bush

Ignore the slick ads for wonder drugs; just enjoy life
I am under the opinion that America has finally become a nation of pathetic idiots. This conclusion is based primarily upon how Madison Avenue is manipulating the stupid genes of the masses by the way of television commercials. Anyone whose gray matter is stimulated to the point of buying some of the products advertised on television should be committed, not only for their own safety but also for the safety of the community.

By far the most comical and intelligent insulting commercials are those advertising pharmaceuticals products. The claims of the curative powers of new snake oil and wonder drugs boggle the imagination.

How about the distinguished gentleman looking directly into the camera and proudly proclaims, "I have COPD." After announcing the name and healing qualities of the COPD wonder drug, a detailed listing of possible dangers and side effects are given. Based upon the possible dangers and side effects only a fool would attempt the cure. I have CRS, but I’m not proud of it.

By far the most asinine of commercials are those that rant and rave about the curative aspects of their wonder drugs and then state that the particular product may not be safe to use. From all indications, the admonition to tell your doctor if you have high blood pressure, kidney or liver problems, diabetes, breathing problems, etc., is a catch-all statement to put the onus upon the buyer. Who in their right mind would consider going to a health care giver who was not already aware if the product in question was safe or not?

Regarding health care in general, every human will experience death. At best medical and pharmacology science can only delay the inevitable. Therefore according to scripture, "It is good for people to eat, drink and enjoy their work under the sun during the short life God has given them, and to accept their lot in life. And it is a good thing to receive wealth from God and the good health to enjoy it. To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life, this is indeed a gift from God."

William P. Clark
Flowery Branch

Corporations are paying for opposition to health reform
The letter from Lyuri Hardishek on Wednesday has some misinformation in it. It was stated that you don’t need medical insurance to receive medical care. People do not have free medical care through the emergency room. Someone pays for this. If not the person receiving care, its paid for by the people who have money. Nothing in this world is free.

In the next paragraph it says to follow the campaign money trail. Well, I’ve followed it. The insurance companies are giving Republicans hundreds of millions of dollars to fight this bill. That’s who runs this country. Not the Democrats or Republicans; it the corporations.

These are the same corporations that we support and buy products from that send all our jobs out of the country. It’s time for people to wake up and push for some reform, to have it where corporations don’t elect our government. It’s time for the people to take our country back.

Tim Thrasher

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