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Letters: Trump is keeping his promises, but where will that lead us?
01072018 TRUMP
President Donald Trump - photo by Associated Press

It’s the morning after, so to speak. Donald Trump kept his promise and put a conservative, Brett Kavanaugh, on the U.S. Supreme Court. What will happen now?

Trump also promised to reverse Roe v Wade and make abortion illegal. Will he do it? I suspect he will try. Then what? More demonstrations, more angry Americans, more women risking their lives with self-induced abortions or back street abortionists? Is this what we want?

There are some things that defy legislation. The law can prevent same-sex couples from marrying, but it can’t prevent them from loving and living together. The time and money fighting for so-called conservative issues is wasted in a time when thousands of children are separated from their parents, when our nation has more people behind bars than any other nation in the world, when we are the only developed nation in the world without a national health care system.

I hope you can see that I am picking my words very carefully. An honest look at President Trump must cover more than his ego and bluster. The economy is doing very well right now, especially for old people like me who are living on their investments. 

According to an Atlanta stockbroker, the only thing the stock market has to fear is that President Trump’s erratic nature could inadvertently initiate a war — a trade war or a nuclear war. Neither is impossible.

There is one more “war” that must be considered, and it is going on right now: the war on our own planet. At present, we are losing this conflict. Report after report tries to explain to the public the dangers we face. Again and again President Trump ignores the danger. “Fake news” he calls it, and Americans who equate conservatism with a personal value system, refuse to listen to top scientists around the world. Why?

Joan King


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