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Your Views: Without passing road sales tax, our region could fall behind
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On July 31, residents will vote region by region across Georgia on whether to approve a 1 percent transportation tax to pay for road construction and maintenance. That means one pro-tax region may get the future benefits while another region gets nothing, all depending on how each one of us votes.

You can cite many reasons for approving this penny tax — easing traffic congestion, improving accessibility and enhancing safety, to name a few. However, I’m equally concerned that if our 13-county region were to vote down the T-SPLOST, then starting the next day, we begin to lose our economic edge and quality of life in comparison to other areas of the state.

Can you imagine Northwest Georgia beginning to catch up or even leaving us behind just because their citizens had the foresight to support the transportation tax, and we didn’t? We don’t need to take chances.

I’ve been involved in the transportation industry all my life and from my perspective, we need to keep our future in our own hands. We need to do what is in the best interest of our children and this region’s future and vote in favor of the T-SPLOST.

James J. Adams
Flowery Branch

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