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Your Views: Whos going to fly our plane? Rice would be the ideal pilot
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I know the souls of those who went down in the plane in France are in heaven, with the exception of one. Folks, we are also on the next plane heading the same way, only we have one thing in our favor: The door to the control cabin is open and desperately in need of a pilot.

There is only one, and I mean ONLY one, who can take the controls and keep this plane on course. This person to whom I refer is one who has been there before, and is familiar with the works of the government and our traditions, our constitution and our way of life. She is none other than Condoleezza Rice, the former secretary of state.

There is none other who can beat those who would let this plane and this country fall into the hands of them that hate us, our way of life and our religion whom our forefathers came to this country to be free of and the religious persecution they faced. (Where could we go but to the Lord?).

Good luck, Condi, and Godspeed!

Roger Keebaugh

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