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Your Views: While we sleep, our nation has lost its way
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For most of the last years, we have seen in our nation a divide of Grand Canyon magnitude grow among our people and among our leaders.

Those on both sides do little except accuse the other side of being shallow, narrow-minded and extreme, with the favorite accusation being that the other side is “out of the mainstream.” Both sides are like brothers fighting over the last piece of pie. Hackles are raised, names are called, fists fly figuratively and the pie is forgotten.

Both sides historically began at the same point, which is that human nature requires government to live civilly, but government itself must be restrained to remain in accord with the consent of the governed.

Now we have a civil war of Reds versus Blues while nothing is done to conduct the people’s business. Meanwhile the only priority evident among our leaders is re-election. We continually return almost all of them to office. We get what we deserve while we sleep.

Our government has become a cesspool of corruption, intentionally growing in interference of our lives. The government can now seize your property in order to give it to someone who promises a profit from it, and such an abomination is approved by our Supreme Court.

It can seize your property indefinitely without legal charges if it claims it was involved in drug trafficking. It can arrest and imprison you for months with no charges, and no habeus corpus, if it claims you are a “material witness.”

Government each year confiscates up to half our hard-earned wealth in taxes, mandates us to buy that which it alone decides we need, decides where and if we can pray, disallows symbols of faith upon which our nation was founded and, if it for some reason wishes to consider us terrorists, can legally kill us. All these things came upon us while we sleep.

Rates of crime, divorce, pregnancy without marriage and illiteracy keep rising. Education no longer teaches civic values. Churches in many cases are residing in entertainment rather than the Word. Our public discourse has turned blunt, crude and sterile of intelligence. All this arrived while we sleep.

The ultimate truth of government which is that it can give you nothing that it has first taken from you or someone else has been somehow lost in our sleeping pill society.

The two-year plan to do nothing in the House, the four-year plan to do nothing in the White House, and the six-year plan to do nothing in the Senate all were hatched as we should have been paying attention. The reality show that has taken over our nation, called “Same Circus, Different Clowns” rose to the top of the ratings charts while we sleep.

This is not an Obama problem. It is not a Bush problem, not even a Clinton problem. Long ago when our Sunday comics actually had something to say, Pogo knew the answer and gave it to us free of charge: “... we have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Michael Hawkins

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