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Your Views: We cant toss out Constitution on a hysterical whim
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I want to communicate my position on expectations of our elected officials’ responsibility to defend the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The rights convened via the Constitution are not policy tools or choices controlled by politicians or executive order. These belong to the American people and all of our friends, relatives and citizenry that have sacrificed their lives in its defense and the defense of the nation upon which it is based. It’s not Joe Biden’s, Barack Obama’s, Michael Bloomberg’s, Andrew Cuomo’s, Dianne Feinstein’s or the NRA’s, for that matter. The Constitution belongs to the American people, those who have died for it and who will continue to die for it.

No one single or repeated number of events of unwarranted, crazed killing of innocents empowers any of you to modify, disclaim or circumvent your responsibility to defend and support the Constitution as written. The current heated, one-sided dialogue is not a debate. It is based upon leadership intent on ignoring the Constitution and ignoring its responsibilities of office to all Americans in favor of the exploitation of events, as despicable as they are, to forward an agenda and policy intent on dramatically reducing the constitutional protections we enjoy and have sacrificed to establish and sustain thought the history of our nation. There is a method to amend the Constitution, and hysteria-based political agenda is not it.

The root cause analysis being applied to this one-sided dialogue is outrageously ignorant and completely without factual cause-and-effect substance and totally biased to an agenda. Controlling guns or the types of guns or the number of bullets makes no more sense than controlling the number of cars or the type of cars or the amount of gas one can have as the means to control DUI fatalities — a much larger issue, by the way.

This whole crisis exploitation approach is oppressive theatrics and policy-driven debasement of our fundamental rights in my view and the view of many. These behaviors are the things revolution is born of and the very reason for the Second Amendment’s inclusion in the first place.

Mike Rottmann

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