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Your Views: Voters must make right decision to get us out of debt
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This coming November has got to be the most important election this nation has ever had.

Our nation is some $14 trillion in debt. That, by the dictionary’s definition of 1 trillion, means “a thousand billion.” Most of us can’t even imagine that much money.

I consider myself an independent voter. I will not sit here and disrespect the president or Mitt Romney. We hear enough of that from both sides on the news media.

But, my friends, we must use common sense in the voting booth. I do know the facts, and after almost four years, we are more in debt than before.

And I do know if we all look at the past education and experience of all candidates from both sides, we will come to the common sense decision to vote who we think can take this country back to financial stability. Not Democrat or Republican, not white or black, not a candidate’s religion, not gender, but again his or her background and experience.

Neil Boykin

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