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Your Views: Voters have spoken; leaders now must alter road sales tax
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The voters have spoken and the T-SPLOST was defeated by a vote count of 63 percent against on a statewide level.
I had written many letters to the editors of newspapers before the T-SPLOST vote was held. I am now asking all voters to consider, and ask the governor to implement, a moratorium on the three regions in the state that passed this tax from collecting any T-SPLOST money until the legislature meets next year.

I am also asking all voters to contact the governor, their elected state representatives and state senators and ask them to make it a priority next year to revisit the T-SPLOST law, to nullify it and come up with another way to get transportation funds, if needed. The law should be changed and nullified.

If the legislature and governor are intent on having this vote again, it should be a statewide vote (should have been statewide to begin with) with a plurality of the state vote deciding the outcome.

If the governor and the state insist on implementing the tax within those three regions — and also implementing the 30 percent penalty on the other nine regions for matching transportation funds that voted no — then the only thing left for voters to consider is whether our elected officials are serving the voters or serving special interests.

The people are tired of taxes, as I have expressed in my letters. If those who we elect insist on penalizing the regions who voted no, and now have to pay the 30 percent penalty of matching funds, the result will be the voters will decide to get newly elected officials into office who will listen to the people.

I encourage everyone to write their elected officials from county level to state level.

Mike Sims

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