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Your Views: Voters deserve better choices on their ballots
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I appreciate Jeff Casper’s recent letter. He’s right when he says voting for a president is like changing a light bulb. We voted repeatedly for illumination and each time we’ve been disappointed. Not just with President Barack Obama, but also George W. Bush, before him.

We voted for a Republican and got lies, illegitimate war and economic collapse. We voted for a Democrat who promised us change and got the same bag of lies and war, continued tax cuts for the rich, Guantanamo not closed, torture not investigated, escalation of Bush’s regime change agenda and unprecedented levels of spying on U.S. citizens.

We voted Republican and got the shaft. We voted Democrat and got the shaft. Is there an alternative?

If we don’t vote, the criminals win. If we do vote, criminals win. The system is fixed. The process is rigged. The establishment motto is “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” So how can we take back our government without being charged with subversion, terrorism, or aiding the enemy?

First, eliminate primary elections. That’s where good, honest candidates get pruned away by the politics of personal destruction and sexual McCarthyism. This removal of honest politicians blocks representation of the will of the people and leaves us with a false choice between two guys who are both owned by the establishment. That’s why we have no real political representation.

During primary elections, sex scandals and character attacks were used to destroy Herman Cain and John Edwards. The establishment used these tactics to coerce Bill Clinton and destroy Anthony Weiner and Gen. David Petraeus. Many others have suffered similar attacks. Instead of presidential elections for individual candidates, we should use the same process to vote for a party to control the office of the president. This puts the focus on issues and positions specified or addressed in party platforms established at conventions, and would effectively eliminate engineered scandals intended to sabotage specific candidates.

Each state should allocate its Electoral College delegates proportionally to statewide election results. The winning party would then caucus among its elected officials and party leaders to designate a president and vice president. Surely this couldn’t give us worse results than the system we’re using now.

Return selection of senators to state governments. Tapping state legislatures as representatives of the people to select senators circumvents engineered scandals intended to sabotage popular elections. We should consider standardizing the geometric shape of congressional districts to permanently eliminate the effect of partisan gerrymandering. Since we implicitly trust their judgment, allow retiring Supreme Court justices to select their own replacements from a pool of nominated and approved candidates.

Revisit campaign finance reform. Our Founders never intended that corporations would have rights reserved for the people or that they could drown elections with oceans of corrupt money while calling it freedom of speech.

With these changes, we might finally wrest control from the forces of fascism to re-establish and secure government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Bruce Vandiver

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