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Your Views: Voter apathy is hard to fathom when there is so much at stake
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Hall County has 78,928 registered voters as of the May 20 primary. Only 13,587 of them took the trouble to go to the polls. 19.26 percent. A primary to select a Republican U.S. Senate candidate to oppose a Democrat in the general election in November, a state school superintendent and a local school board and several other selections draws ... 19.26 percent?

How many of you that are reading this did not bother to vote? How many reading this like the way this country is currently being run? How many of you complain about some form of government, schools and high taxes? And you don’t think it’s important to vote?

You have no right to even talk about these issues if you don’t vote. Early voting started June 30 and runs though July 18, with the final day July 22 for the final selection of the Senate candidate and a spot on the school board.

If you like the way Washington is being run, then don’t bother to vote. If the current voter apathy continues, we will lose this privilege.

Oh, by the way, how many of you are eligible to vote, but have not registered? Don’t you think it’s time you counted?

Gene Cobb

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