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Your Views: UGA football game experience ruined by ear-shattering music
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Before I share my opinion about the University of Georgia’s misguided attempt to entertain fans as they enter the stadium, I’ll mention my longtime affiliation with UGA, starting with the five years I spent there as a Speech Communication faculty member, after earning my Ph.D. at Ohio University.

My wife Sandra worked in the Athletic Ticket Office. Eventually, both our daughters earned UGA degrees. Shelley, our older daughter, was a majorette on the 1980 championship team.

When I launched my communication consulting career, Vince Dooley hired me in 1999 to direct a Customer Care seminar for the Athletic Association employees. Clearly, my affection for UGA spans a number of years.

Sandra and I have been season ticket holders for decades. For quite awhile, getting to a University of Georgia game 45 minutes before kickoff was great fun: watching the teams warm up, and hearing the fabulous Georgia Redcoat Band play. Not any more. Pregame has been ruined by a terrible excuse for music — ear-shattering and totally annoying.

This, I assure you, is not just the opinion of people of my era. A 27-year-old read the paragraph above and agreed with me wholeheartedly. I’m confident that many alumni and friends of the university are disappointed with the replacement of the band by raucous sounds that would prompt us to turn our radios off instantly. Instead of boosting our spirits for the game, these sounds distract us and reduce our interest.

Bring back the Redcoat Band for pregame entertainment and eliminate the current junk!

Bill Lampton

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