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Your Views: Travel teams make competition unfair in Hall County leagues
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The purpose of this is not to pit down any team that plays for the Hall County Parks and Leisure Services leagues. It is to question the fairness of allowing travel teams to play in this league.

A travel team is made up of a group of kids that were hand-selected during tryouts. They also have played in previous tournaments together, giving them more experience that the average kid that signs up to play park and rec. This is a team made up of kids that all have advanced athletic ability. These kids do not have to be from a certain school or district; they are recruited from local private schools and even the city district.

These travel ball teams have many talented boys but they need to play on the level they were created for. Having one travel ball team for each age level play against all the other teams in the county leaves them with no competition. So I don’t know what they get out of it.

A park and rec team is made up of kids that some have prior experience and some may not. Most teams are equally divided; half the team is advanced athletically and half of the team is learning.

The mission statement for Hall County Parks and Leisure Services is: “To provide an opportunity for fun and enjoyment through a well-balanced baseball program.” There is nothing well-balanced when you have one stacked baseball team in each age division shutting out every other team in the county because they have an unfair advantage.

You could also ask any kid on any of the “average” teams in the county if it was fun and if they enjoyed their team not having a chance to qualify to win the season-ending county tournament and they will say “no,” I assure you.

I feel that Hall County Parks and Leisure Services is more concerned with adding more money to the department than about the fairness to our kids. If it is going to allow stacked teams, then it should be done like the city of Gainesville does in its leagues: All players try out and then are drafted to form equal teams.

It should never be that one team should shut out every team in the league because they are the only stacked team in the age group. Each team should be given a fair chance. Hall County Parks and Leisure Services needs to re-evaluate this and make the game of baseball fair to all kids.

Misty Clark

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