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Your Views: To fix Hall County's litter problem, go to the source
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So Gainesville’s streets are choked with litter and garbage. The proposed solution is to have nonviolent prisoners walk along the highways and pick up after the pigs that caused the problem in the first place. What a concept.

Anti-litter campaigns have been going on since Lyndon Johnson was in the White House. Today little kids are indoctrinated in school about the environment but they still throw their plastic bottles and crushed containers on the streets. Cigarettes are very expensive now but smokers still throw their butts on the road instead of keeping them for later use in a situation where they need a smoke but can’t. For example, they can chew on the filters while in court to pay a fine for littering.

Rather than subject these prisoners to the perils of walking along dangerous highways, drivers should have the intelligence and decency to keep their garbage, including cigarette butts, in their cars or pickup trucks until they get home. Once home, they can throw it on the kitchen floor if they like and try to get prisoners to clean it up afterward. Or, they can do something revolutionary, brilliant and environmentally friendly and put their trash in the garbage can.

Litter is not the problem. It is a symptom. The problem is careless, crass and uncouth people. The cure is personal responsibility and you are not going to get that from prison labor. To litter or not to litter — that is a question of personal responsibility.

Ronald Zaremba

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