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Your Views: Taxes we already pay should be spent to improve state roads
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Our past and present Georgia governors and legislature have the responsibility of spending some of our tax dollars on Georgia roads. They have been allocating and spending nearly $2 billion per year. Additionally, our federal tax dollars are being spent on Georgia transportation.

Their representatives are now saying our roads are overcrowded and insufficient (yes) and in need of about $2 billion more of our tax dollars per year. The taxes of the people in the less-populated areas of Georgia will disproportionately pay for the improvements in the greater populated areas. Another big bureaucracy of nonelected (out of our control) “officials” will be paid by us taxpayers to “deliver” the improvements.

They also want to spend our tax dollars, not on roads, but on transporting people to places where 95 percent of us don’t want to go. I say, let the Georgia DOT build the roads and let citizens buy their own transportation from private, tax-paying businesses that have been put out of business by the intrusion of federal, state and local governments.

We do need more roads from the taxes we already pay that are being wasted on things the state should not be doing. I vote “no.”

Rick Frommer

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