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Your Views: Sitting in traffic? A good time to back T-SPLOST
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If you haven’t spent time studying the details behind the proposed transportation SPLOST, you might think this vote is only about paying extra in taxes. Well, it is and it isn’t.

Sure it’s another tax that would add a 1 percent sales tax to every dollar we spend out of one pocket. But we have been paying less out of the other pocket for our roadways. In other words, we need this tax to make up the difference and to keep Georgia and Hall County competitive.

As our cars have become more fuel-efficient and the price of oil has curbed our driving habits, Georgia’s fuel tax — which pays for roads — has crash-dived. That’s not all bad, but sooner or later we have to pay, not only to maintain and improve our roads and transportation network, but to keep our competitive edge in attracting business and industry. The T-SPLOST is clearly the easiest and fairest route to doing it.

The alternative? If the answer isn’t obvious, maybe it will come to you while you’re sitting in traffic somewhere.

Lee Hemmer