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Your Views: Simple math can solve how earths population grew
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A letter to The Times on Dec. 27 asked the question: How could two people produce today’s population of more than 7 billion people in 9,000 or so years? Simple conservative arithmetic reveals the answer.

Let us start in the beginning with one male and one female. Now let us assume that they marry and have children and so on. And let us assume that the population doubles every 150 years. Therefore, after 150 years, there will be eight people, after another 150 years there will be 16 people, and so on. It should be noted that this growth rate is actually very conservative. In reality, even with disease, famines and natural disasters, the world population currently doubles every 40 years or so.

After 33 doublings, which is only 4,950 years, the world population would have reached almost 8.6 billion. That’s 2 billion more than the population of 6.5 billion people recorded by the U.S. Bureau of Census on March 1, 2006.

If you don’t believe the math, then Google “Power Calculator” and plug the number 2 to the 33rd power and see the results or do it by hand. This simple calculation starting with Adam and Eve, and assuming the conservative growth rate previously mentioned, the current population can be reached well within 9,000 years or less.

Some tell us humans have been around for millions of years. If we assume that humans have only been around for 50,000 years, and if we were to use the same calculations above, there would be 332 doublings, and the world’s population would be a staggering figure — one followed by 100 zeros (more than trillions).

So one could ask the question, “If humans were around millions of years ago, why is the population so small?” That is a question that evolution supporters must answer.

Bill Morrison

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