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Your Views: Sales tax would enhance highway safety in region
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Our Northeast Georgia region has a proud history of making decisions that positively impacted our growth, our quality of life and our future prosperity. On July 31, we are again facing a big decision with a long-term impact in regards to one of our greatest assets: transportation infrastructure.

The T-SPLOST vote quite possibly will be the most important on the primary ballot due to its impact on job creation, economic development, traffic congestion and our quality of life. As someone who has lived in this community for over 40 years, I have tremendous pride in the growth and success we have experienced as a community. A key part of our future is the passage of T-SPLOST, and I am a strong supporter of this effort.

Many reasons for support have been previously discussed. One element that perhaps has not been mentioned as often is the effect of this investment on the safety of our community and neighboring counties. The local projects on our list include McEver Road intersection improvements, U.S. 129 widening and improvements at the intersection of Jesse Jewell and John Morrow Parkway, just to name a few.

All of these improvements would improve the safety of each of us who travel these corridors. With the tremendous growth of Northeast Georgia Medical Center, we are a medical destination for our entire region.

Road improvements both in and around the Hall County region will provide much-improved access to a large and rapidly growing population who travels to Northeast Georgia Medical Center for medical emergencies.

Also because of Gainesville-Hall County’s importance in the region for our medical care and other economic draws, we even receive bonus money that comes here and will only be spent here. For every dollar collected by T-SPLOST, we get $1.45 back to our county. I was never the best math student, but I can understand that math!

Please join me in making a decision in favor of T-SPLOST, and in favor of our future quality of life.

Doug Carter

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