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Your Views: Roads sales tax will provide a strong return on investment
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Like most everyone, I have basically worked since I have been able. Starting on my uncle’s tobacco farm at the age of 12 and moving up to a dishwasher at our local steakhouse by the age of 15, I have always clearly understood that in order to draw a paycheck, one has to work.

Upon graduating college in Atlanta, where I worked in a warehouse 30 hours a week and paid for my own education, I began to understand the concept of return on investment, or making the most of your hard earned paycheck and savings. So for the last 25 years I have tried to be a smart investor. This includes investing in stocks, real estate and local businesses.

Overall I would be satisfied with a return of 6 percent to 8 percent; however, over the last four years, I would have been happy to earn just half of that. Let’s face it, most traditional savings rates are less than 1 percent. Can you imagine less than 1 cent on the dollar is what most banks pay you to use your money?

We now have an opportunity to earn a guaranteed whopping 45 percent return on our investment through T-SPLOST. This is because surrounding counties understand that Hall County is the business hub that drives commerce in Northeast Georgia, and are willing to forgo some of their own return in order to make Hall County successful. Other counties realize that making Hall County a success, will in turn work to ensure their own success.

In addition to strong middle class jobs such as quarrymen, heavy equipment operators and surveyors, created by the passage of T-SPLOST, we are basically assuring ourselves of a strong and vibrant transportation infrastructure for years to come that will facilitate smart growth for the children and grandchildren of our region.

Do not let any special interest or party group fool you. Our region will control the money, (the projects have already been allocated; go to, and terminate the T-SPLOST at the end of the term.

Finally, for the life of me, I cannot understand someone not wanting to earn a remarkable 45 percent on their investment. This is a good thing for Hall County. Do yourself and everyone in the Georgia Mountains region a favor: Vote “yes” for T-SPLOST on July 31.

Michael Slate

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