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Your Views: Road projects will go on, tax or no
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Is there misleading information regarding T-SPLOST?

I have been reading with interest as the “for” and “against” supporters of T-SPLOST articulate their views and reasonings regarding this proposed vote to increase local sales tax. I have yet to read the answer to one question: Are the nine road projects for widening major arteries and intersection improvements already funded at this point?

I have been told those nine projects are already funded and according to a statement by Srikanth Yamala (transportation planning manager for the Gainesville-Hall Metropolitan Planning Organization) on Feb. 23, “all of these projects will be completed with or without the TIA funding.”

At this point there is a great deal of negative response to the T-SPLOST vote July 31. People are beginning to see through the DOT’s attempted grab for more millions by using the proposed road projects for our district as selling points. Being realistic, there will most likely be no effect on traffic, on jobs or on safety. It’s all speculation.

This is simply another tax. With that being said, my question remains: Is funding for the nine projects being touted for T-SPLOST already on the books. and if so, why are these nine projects being used as selling points to the public?

Our congressional candidates, have publicly stated no support for T-SPLOST based on their own reasons. Support of a sales tax increase for 10 years to pay for something that is already funded is a no-brainer.

C.P. Howard