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Your Views: Proposed transportation tax violates counties autonomy
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Bruce W. Hallowell’s letter, “T-SPLOST may be when Georgians say that’s enough,” indicates several very strong reasons to vote against this horrendous tax.

First, it shows us that the state is raising revenues for itself without as much as any legislator lifting a hand for a vote. That is the 3 percent the state collects from each type of SPLOST.

Second, his article alludes to the idea of the T-SPLOST violating Georgia’s Constitution. The constitution puts forth the concept of home rule. That, in its simplest form, is that each county determines its own future and that future is determined by the people in each individual county.

T-SPLOST is formatted so that counties with large voting populations can force smaller counties to be pulled into this form of tax, because it is determined through the unconstitutional concept of regions.

Lastly, why would people ever vote for a tax that is, at its heart, blackmailing the people to vote for it so they will not be penalized if it is voted down. This by itself should be reason enough to be against T-SPLOST.

When election time comes in November, we need to know who voted for things that are unconstitutional and be certain they do not continue in any elected office.

Mike Scupin


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