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Your Views: Propane buses a welcome way to clear the air
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Congratulations and thank you to Hall County School Board Transportation Director Jewel Armour on his successful effort to convince the board of education to begin transporting students in propane-fueled buses.

Since 1968, I have been running on the roads in the communities in which I have lived. About 5 percent of the time, I have ended up running behind or near a school bus. Each time that has occurred, I dreaded the foul, noxious odor the bus emitted.

Last Wednesday, about halfway through my four-mile run, I again found myself being passed by a school bus. I waited to inhale the poisonous odors, but I was very surprised and happy to find there was no odor at all.

As I have been attending school board meetings regularly I was aware of the move to implement the use of propane buses, so I knew right away that I was experiencing the less noxious exhaust from a new propane bus.

The article in the May 11 edition of The Times, “Buses fill up with greener gas,” alludes to the environmental benefits of the propane vehicles, but the article does not include any information about that benefit. I experienced that benefit Wednesday morning, and I am now a fan of Armour’s more than ever.

You do not have to be a distance runner to experience the benefit. Those Hall County residents who have driven behind any of the new school buses would be certain to notice the lack of noxious fumes. More importantly, students entering and exiting the buses no longer inhale poisonous, burned diesel fuel gases.

Thanks to the efforts of Jewel Armour, the air in Hall County is cleaner and less poisonous.

Frank Lock