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Your Views: Pro football is a worthless pastime played by violent people
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OK, so again an important program was interrupted for the “nfl.” I print nfl in small letters because that’s how important it is to me. So they are special people who can kick a ball around. Wow! That really takes education.

They have special rights to kick people around, too. Some kick and mistreat animals. Don’t forget these are special people ... not!

Most people base their lives on games and that is pathetic. Is it because they can’t play ball so they depend on others for this so-called entertainment?

I think if a person wants to hear about these average people who play games, he or she should have to get it from pay-per-view. Stop wasting my time on this nonsense.

If I hurt anyone’s feelings, well I don’t care. My opinion is the only one that matters to me anyway.

Carol Singleton

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