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Your Views: Prayers for leaders of nations eventually may come under fire
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I found the two Your Views letters in a recent edition of The Times, “No better than today to pray for nation,” by Jullette A. Hawk and George Koesters’ letter, “We need a leader to represent everyone,” extremely interesting and probably agreed with in most circles.

However, I found the Associated Press news article on page 3C, “Activist detained for anti-Putin prayer,” very disturbing and most likely indicated a future reality in the U.S.

The opening paragraph of the article reads. “An opposition activist was detained and beaten Sunday after he tried to enter Moscow’s landmark Christ the Savior Cathedral to pray to deliver Russia from Vladimir Putin.”

Taking into consideration the present mindset of the controlling political party and the apostate trends of the religious community, I ask the question in reference to future suppression of anti-leader prayers: Are we there yet?

According to Scripture, rightly divided, the only valid prayers by members of the body of Christ are those uttered for each other and for those in government authority that we saints may lead quite and peaceable lives.

Be ever mindful that God is not at the present in the nation-blessing business but in the people-saving business.

William P. Clark
Flowery Branch

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