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Your Views: Perhaps legal immigrants pose the greatest terrorism threat
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There is usually quite a bit of discussion regarding illegal immigration, and what we need to do to address this issue. Unfortunately, we have not made much progress up to this point.

I have become much more concerned about legal immigration over the past few months. Rarely do we hear about terrorism suspects from our illegal immigrants. Our problem with terrorism comes from the immigrants that we let come into this country legally.

A couple of examples are the two men responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing, and just recently an immigrant to the United States from Somalia who traveled to Syria, and then returned to our country to plan and execute terrorist plots.

The question I have is why do we continue to let individuals from countries that could potentially pose serious threats to us into the United States? This problem is going to increase dramatically in Europe with the flood of individuals fleeing the African continent into Europe through Italy.

Europe already experiences problems from immigration policies that have let individuals into their countries who now support the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations.

If we asked most Europeans, I would be willing to bet they wish they had addressed their “legal” immigration policies sooner. I feel that this is a critical issue for the United States and we need to start addressing it immediately.

Steven M. Deming

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