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Your Views: Parker misses the facts; move to stop amnesty is vital to nation
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In reading Kathleen Parker’s Thursday column, “GOP is a tragedy in 52 acts,” I find the usual liberal twisting of facts.

She and many like her keep calling the stopping of President Barack Obama’s amnesty by not funding the Department of Homeland Security a “government shutdown.” The DHS would not completely shut down. According to reliable news reports, about 30,000 workers would be furloughed, but the remainder — border patrol, security personnel, etc. — would still be on the job, albeit it not being paid until the situation was resolved.

Also she doesn’t understand the fact that standing on principles doesn’t mean that they are doing it just to get re-elected. They are doing it to try and save our country from an individual in the White House who is using a pen to get whatever he wants, and Speaker John Boehner and Sen. Mitch McCon-nell are going along with him.

Her last paragraph states that without 40 percent of the Hispanic vote widely considered necessary to win, and independents, etc., a Republican doesn’t stand a chance. She’s right. But not because of the 40 percent, but of the 5 million illegal immigrants to whom Obama now will give ID cards, and perhaps also drivers licenses, so they can vote illegally.

Dom Montalto

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