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Your Views: Parents have lost control of their kids, based on public behavior
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Have you ever been in a department store or grocery store and felt like you were among a bunch of wild animals? I despise parents who are controlled by their children. Who is in control? Obviously, not the adults.

These children get their way by screaming and disrupting everyone around them. Why are they allowed to do this? These children are the same people who grow up to be obstructive and through their behavior try to get what they want. I have left many stores because of these children, as have many others. If the parents are so afraid of their own children, then what is becoming of our country? The parents are so beaten by their children that nothing is done by them.

So other shoppers have to put up with this nonsense. Ask any school teacher about this. Are these the people who are going to be controlling this country? I fear our fate is in the hands of these monsters. They kick their mothers, curse their parents and yet they get a bag of candy for their behavior. I am so sick of these kids screaming and kicking in these stores. What is wrong with parents? Are they that afraid of their own children?

Carol Trevorrow


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