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Your Views: Obama fails to lead, passes Syria buck to Congress
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For the past three years, President Barack Obama has used every means possible to delete the authority of Congress in decision making issues. He has used Congress as his whipping boy; if he makes a bad decision, it is the fault of the Congress. Anything favorable that happens, he takes credit for. Now, after shooting his mouth off (the “red line” comment) he tells Congress that it must make a decision he is unwilling to make.

Further, since Congress is not in session, any decision will take weeks, months or more to decide. He could have called Congress to emergency session, but he had a golf game to go to, just as when he had a fundraiser to attend when it came time to tell the truth about Benghazi and the four Americans who died there.

Bottom line is, by the time Congress makes his decision for him, his closest friend, the liberal press, will have forgotten the issue and if anyone makes a comment on it, his press secretary will pass it off as old news.

We have no president and have not had one for the last four years. We have a spineless, yellow pretender.

Bruce Hallowell

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