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Your Views: Mayors, most Americans favor background checks for gun purchases
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In response to Fred Dissen’s letter Tuesday (“Pro-gun TV ads cross the line”): So you are pro-gun. You are mistaken about the “out-of-state-funded TV gun commercials” attacking our Sens. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson. The ads are to show that people who support the Second Amendment also support stronger gun control and ask that they contact these senators to express their views.

Nine in 10 Americans support background checks for gun purchases. Most Americans support assault weapon bans and high capacity magazines. Why should those of us who support these measures be controlled by the one percent (1 percent) of NRA members who don’t want any new restrictions?

It is the Mayors Against Illegal Guns who are running the “ads” you reference. Yes, they are funded in part by the mayor of New York City, but supported by hundreds of mayors across the nation. Your reference to soft drinks, drones and the homeless only shows your ignorance to the problems that face low-income people in this nation.

Sheila L. Nicholas

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