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Your Views: Lions Clubs look to grow, add to service
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Your article Sunday concerning challenges to area civic clubs did a good job in pointing out the struggles most civic clubs have in carrying on the work that they do.

An organization left out of the mix is the Lions Club. Hall County has two Lions Clubs, the North Hall Lions Club and the Gainesville Lions Club. Both clubs focus on sight and hearing projects and they assist people with purchasing eyeglasses when there is no insurance and money to pay for them.

The two clubs support the Georgia Lions Lighthouse which provides eye surgeries for folks who cannot afford them. Each club has its own flavor of community service projects as well.

The Gainesville Lions Club remains active, even though we have a small, older membership. In our efforts to grow, we are starting to bring in younger members. In October we will celebrate our 80th year of service in Gainesville. Well be at Mule Camp Market selling our mops and brooms, and on Oct. 18, we’ll hold our annual Children’s Theater fundraiser.

We make the community a better place through service. If you are looking for an opportunity to impact your community, please consider joining with us and visit us on the Web.

Mike Hall
Flowery Branch


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