Buford couple charged in death of 5-year-old daughter
A Buford couple is behind bars on murder charges in the June death of their severely malnourished 5-year-old daughter, according to authorities. Investigators say the parents neglected their child.
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Your Views: Letter writer, columnist defend weak presidents, attack Bush
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I do not make it a habit of reading your left-leaning (Your Views) section. This is in direct response to Gabriel Shippy’s comments about how George Bush got us in a war.

Obviously, the writer forgot we were attacked on Sept. 11, 2001, by Islamic terrorists directed by Osama Bin Laden. The same Bin Laden that the writer’s wonderful President Bill Clinton failed to act on suggestions by his military leaders, twice. The same Bill Clinton who failed to heed the warnings of his military advisers to protect our homeland as commander in chief. If the writer feels better to always blame Bush and the other party for his own ignorance, then I must just consider the source.

The same goes to Doyle McManus and his prophetic attempt to spin the fact that the president of the United States is supposed to be the president of all the people of this wonderful country. This also is a matter of considering the source. You see, when I saw McManus is a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, I considered the source again.

I am a proud veteran (U.S. Navy, USS Shangri-La CV 38, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CV 42, October 1970-1974) of the Vietnam Conflict (War). This was a political war that a Democrat allowed us to lose. The same political mess we are battling under this so-called president of the United States. Pathetic.

John F. Harrison


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