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Your Views: Laws didnt break family apart; their illegal actions did
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To the Rodriguez brothers in Sunday’s Times, saying the law breaks families apart: Wrong! Let’s put this into perspective.

Breaking the laws is what pulls families apart. Am I sorry for you two? No. I feel no sympathy for your parents who broke the immigration laws when they came here illegally and had a son, then brought in a second son illegally. I feel no compassion for your father who consistently broke local laws before he was deported.

From the looks of the photographs in The Times story, you two are obviously lacking for nothing: food, shelter, education, musical opportunities, church support and family support. You have nothing to whine about and I find your plight of little consequence when looking at the plights of too many legal American citizens as well as legal immigrants.

Your family has and obviously continues to play the system as too many illegal immigrants do. You are not welcome in my city until you come through the gates properly. Don’t cry for sympathy; go home and come back the right way. You will then find a helping hand with no critics.

Howard Peters

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