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Your Views: Kudos to Times for covering the world, focus on cycling
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I’ve been a subscriber of The Times since moving to Dahlonega five years ago, and I want to commend and thank you for your excellence in several very different areas, specifically your coverage of international events and the daily reporting of the Tour de France during the three weeks in July when it occurs.

I continue to be amazed and impressed by the amount of world news covered in a relatively small paper. In addition, I brag to my cycling friends in a much larger city in Georgia how The Times has an article (and often a photo) every day of the Tour, something they lament isn’t covered by their paper. Indeed, it’s the only time of the year I read the sports section!

In addition, the circulation department has done an excellent job on stopping and restarting my delivery as requested numerous times a year when I travel out of town, always calling when I return to ensure it has resumed.

So thank you for both your excellent international and cycling coverage, as well as your wonderful customer service!

Dora Ditchfield

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