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Your Views: Humanists have no place telling us who can pray
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To Monica Miller of the American Humanist Association: As a resident of Hall County let me say that I am deeply offended by your organization’s threat of legal action against Chestatee High School.

Obviously you didn’t do your homework when it comes to Hall County and the North Georgia area in general. The residents of Hall County are not going to sit idly by when an outsider tries to dictate to us what we can and cannot do.

I read the letter you sent to the Hall County Board of Education with all the legal jargon, case law, ad nauseam. Just like all organizations of your ilk, you conveniently left out case law that supports students’ right to pray at school or on school grounds as long as they do not interrupt school functions. Typical.

On any given fall Friday night in Northeast Georgia, you’ll hear prayers recited before a football game starts, and quite frequently the opposing teams will meet in the middle of the field and pray in unison after the game. It’s what we do, it’s who we are and we’re not going to change just because some lawyer 600 miles away has an issue with it.

You picked the wrong people to mess with this time, and you’re about to see what the term pack mentality means. We might be rivals on the football field, baseball field, basketball court and so on, but when an outsider attacks one of us, we’re all on the same team. You see the enemy of my enemy is my friend down here.

Let’s say the BOE acquiesces to your demands or you get a favorable judgment from the courts; we the people won’t buy it. And, unless you plan to put federal marshals in every football stadium in North Georgia, the people of this area will still pray before, during and after games. You’ve kicked a hornet’s nest and now it’s time to see if you and your organization have the intestinal fortitude to carry through.

My advice to you is to drop this nonsense and find another community to try to bully; this isn’t the one. Let’s face it: The people in North Georgia and Hall County don’t believe in your authority, nor are we intimidated by your threat of a lawsuit.

Kirk Palmer

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