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Your Views: Hard to trust unelected board with more of our tax money
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The big push to try to educate (sell) the voters on the virtues of increasing taxes as an investment has begun. Slick TV ads and testimonials from a lot of business people and elected officials tell us about this great investment opportunity we cannot afford to miss. They really want you to agree to pay an additional $200-$400 yearly for the next 10 years.

What makes even less sense to me is to entrust billions of dollars to an unelected board that has proven it can’t do anything quickly. Nothing visible has been done at the intersection of Ga. 365 and Howard Road since the second person was killed over three months ago. I wonder if they have even considered the idea of putting up highly visible signs at each crossing of Ga. 365 warning that this is a dangerous intersection and that through traffic has the right of way.

The final straw for me is to hear the people advocating the passage of T-SPLOST for Hall County saying that Hall would be getting $1.45 back for every $1 it contributes. Sounds like a rip-off of our neighbors to me. Let’s don’t do this.

Vote “no” on T-SPLOST.

Jim Waldrep


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