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Your Views: Hard to assume only race sways Obama backers
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I write to present a clear answer to the letter of June 20 by Thomas Day.

While I am willing to say that the writer may have tried to illuminate what he perceives as racism, his evidence presented destroys his own assertion. He wrote that 95 percent of blacks voted for President Barack Obama and that such a large percentage is clear evidence of racism. Next he challenges anyone to find an example of a group, whether racial, religious or national, that has supported any candidate to that high a percentage.

I am writing to become his anyone. Our nation had more than 50 presidential elections before Obama ran in 2008. In each of those elections, with the possibility of a few write-in votes, every white person who voted for president voted for a white man. This percentage is 100 percent.

Day goes on to state that only racism, focusing only on skin color, could account for such a prejudice. His assertion would have us believe that all who were or are white who voted for a white man in any election for over 200 years were racist.

The argument he puts forth is, at best, sterile of thought in depth. Just because 95 percent of blacks voted for Obama is no more a mark of racism than 100 percent of whites voting only for a white man.

I am hopeful that the gentleman will rethink this view and understand that percentages are not, by themselves, proof of ill will in the heart. It surely is possible that many of the blacks voted in the way they chose because they felt their choice was the right man for the job. All the choices before 2008 were made on that basis, not on the basis of the lighter skin of the candidate.

We simply must overcome the thought that racism peers out from behind every tree in the land. Racism is our ugly original sin as a nation. Only understanding sought and accepted by reasoned thought will rid us of it.

Michael Hawkins

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