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Your Views: Hall leaders adopt same old philosophy of tax-and-spend
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I moved to Hall County many years ago to escape the outrageous “tax and spend” mentality of the Atlanta and DeKalb area governments. I now find myself looking around to escape the outrageous “tax and spend” mentality of the Hall County government.

What is it about politicians who run on a “no new taxes” platform and then, after being elected, do all they can to find “loopholes” to avoid their pledges? Hall County has recently adopted the Obama attitude of being Robin Hood. Let’s tax the rich (lakefront property owners) and then try to convince everyone that “I don’t see it as a tax increase when you keep your millage rate exactly the same.”

Lakefront property owners have watched their property taxes increase by 70 percent and yet Hall County politicians have the nerve to state that they “don’t see it as a tax increase.” Sounds like Obama math to me. A 70 percent increase in property taxes is a 70 percent increase no matter what type of math you use!

These Hall County politicians need to move to Atlanta and DeKalb where their thinking matches that of the “tax and spend” Obama politicians who live there. Voters need to rid this county of their “tax and spend” politicians and get back to electing citizens who attempt to look after the taxpayers in Hall County who actually pay taxes.

Art McGovern

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