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Your Views: Georgians should support efforts to protect our vital waterways
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After participating in the Georgia Water Coalition’s Capitol Conversation Day on Feb. 18 as a member of the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, I want to urge our community to support the ongoing efforts to protect and care for Georgia’s water resources.

Over the past 10 years, the Georgia Water Coalition has grown to include to over 220 organizations representing over a quarter of a million Georgians. These groups are composed of groups of farmers, business owners, homeowners associations, lake access groups, sportsmen’s clubs, church groups, scout troops, civic organizations, hikers, campers and many others.

Currently there are two proposed bills in the Georgia Senate and House of Representatives which would have positive effects on Georgia’s water resources if passed. One is a bill that prohibits the pumping of surface water into an underground aquifer because of the probability of polluting both the water in nearby wells and as well as within the aquifer.

The other bill requires a 25-foot setback buffer that would help reduce erosion and thereby help protect Georgia’s marshland.

Given the various federal and state agencies that have differing responsibilities of protecting our water supply, your best source of information is Duncan Hughes, 615 Oak St., Gainesville, GA 30501, email He is the Headwaters Outreach Director of the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, a citizens’ environmental group dedicated to protecting and preserving the Chattahoochee River between its headwaters in the North Georgia Mountains to the Middle Chattahoochee near LaGrange. Jason Ulseth holds the title of Riverkeeper of the organization and he works out of his office in Atlanta.

Joe Kidd

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