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Your Views: Georgia senators wrong to bypass president with letter to Iran
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Sens. Isakson and Perdue: As your constituent, I am writing to tell you how dismayed I am at your act of signing a letter to Iran, a foreign enemy country and its leaders, while our president is conducting diplomatic negotiations along with our allies to reduce, verify and contain Iran’s nuclear program.

The Logan Act was passed by Congress in 1799. The intent of this law was to prevent interference by any citizen of this country in the business being conducted with foreign countries by the Executive Branch.

Whatever your own political views and whatever your differences with the president, our U.S. Constitution has clearly defined the duties of each branch of government and the responsibilities of all elected officials. The Senate is supposed to be a deliberative body that acts with reason and judiciousness. Neither of you have acted thus and your behavior borders on treason.

Please reconsider your hasty deed and repair your actions. Your constituents deserve better and the country does as well.

Mary Drummer

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