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Your Views: Gainesvilles pedestrian bridge could be put to good use
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The U.S. Congress is still hearing about the “stimulus package” that built the “bridge to nowhere.” Well, we have one of those right here in Gainesville. Every time I go under the big white bridge over Jesse Jewell Parkway, I think, “What were they thinking?”

I know it was built to connect a high-rise hotel that never got built to a Georgia Mountains Center convention building that since has been sold. Now what to do with this obvious structure?

Why not finish the south side of the bridge and put in a park that all residents can use, and the business employees and government employees on the north side can use on their lunch hours? Let’s at least make it look like it was built for a good use, not just let it sit there as a “bridge to nowhere” as others pass underneath and wonder, “What were they thinking?”

Dean Warnock

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