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Your Views: Ga. now must focus on valid road projects
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The voters of Georgia should be commended for the overwhelming vote against the transportation sales tax Tuesday. This would have been a gigantic tax increase on all Georgians and would do little to alleviate traffic problems and congestion in the metro area. It was a bipartisan effort of strange bedfellows: conservatives, liberals, blacks, whites, Democrats and Republicans.

This speaks, however, to a bigger point: The T-SPLOST vote was an indication of the disconnect between government and the people of this state and of this country. On the national level, the Obama administration has passed a bevy of laws and regulations that the majority of Americans find repugnant.

In Georgia, almost every major politician and civic group succumbed to the argument that we would be viewed as backward and nonprogressive if we did not support this omnibus piece of legislation.

In Georgia, we have always had a system of roads and highways that are the envy of many in this country. We did this without special taxes beyond the usual taxes that fund highway construction. The T-SPLOST was a hodgepodge list of projects designed to give everyone something in their area but did little to alleviate overall traffic problems.

It is time for Georgia leaders to concentrate on building new highways and roads to siphon traffic away from major highways and thoroughfares by adjusting the tax on gasoline instead of focusing on rapid rail. A great place to start would be the much-needed northern arc to connect northeast and northwest Georgia, which would greatly relieve the logjam around Atlanta.

Duane Jones

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