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Your Views: Future sales tax votes should be on fall ballots
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The front page headline Sunday in The Times read “Where have all the voters gone?” Let’s go back just a few months to the fall of 2014 when midterm elections were in the news. Recall The Times writing about how politicians in Hall County were concerned that SPLOST VII would not be passed by voters for a seventh time if SPLOST VII was placed on the November 2014 ballot?

The articles went on to state that in the past, SPLOST funds had been routinely diverted from projects promised by politicians to be high priority for completion during the next SPLOST taxing period. However, many were not started, with tax dollars diverted to other projects. Not inconsequential to the article was the statement that the SPLOST vote would be delayed to March when it was contemplated the tax had a better chance of passing. Now politicians appear to be calling out the electorate for not showing up at the polls excited about voting themselves yet another tax, or tax extension.

Get real. This is no surprise to many that SPLOST VII passed handily. Voters are disillusioned and tired of being manipulated yet again. Place the next SPLOST on the November ballot and let the full electorate have a timely considered vote, please.

R.C. Tardif

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