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Your Views: Foxes run health care henhouse
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Two things come to mind: 1. Getting old is not for cowards. 2. Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

In politics, there really isn’t a lot of anything that is totally new. A possible exception could be radical approaches to events.

As a senior citizen and a student of history, the table of topics placed before us holds a multitude of subjects. The basic formulae are repeated and they must be read with that in mind. The title of the subject matter may change, but the content of the body is similar. It has gotten so bad that there is a high degree of predictability as to what will come.

I am sick and tired of victims of various circumstances being paraded for the purpose of garnering a bounty of public opinion for political reasons and not for the benefit of the victims.

I’m sick and tired of promises being made to potential voters to provide them with public entitlements seeking in return long-term electoral backing. And, if that doesn’t work, to tell the voters we’ve come so far it doesn’t make sense to change horses in the middle of the stream.

I feel that over 90 percent of all issues being trumpeted forth are political in nature but there is a strong effort to disguise the intent with propaganda. So when you review the topics, get below the surface toward the roots to seek out the true intent.

One of the primary topics on the table today is health care. What is it all about and what is it really accomplishing? Are the votes in Congress that we hear about based on the strength of the bill or something else?

I suggest you read the book, “Throw Them All Out,” by Peter Schweitzer. Read it carefully and question each aspect you don’t feel clear on. I think you will be astounded by the number of congressional members who profited by the buying and selling of stocks and bonds relating to the industry. After all, these people are the ones who are writing the new health care laws.

Now, as we see that the fox is running the henhouse and voting on the bill, identifying how it is used, and by whom. Then, after all of that, they seek exemption from using it themselves.

What is good for one citizen should be good for all. Why isn’t that true at all places in our governmental structure?

George Koesters

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