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Your Views: Drastic cuts to Medicaid are a painful way to balance budget
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My teenage daughter has learned the value in preparing for an exam. She understands that preparation begins early on, not while cramming on the eve of a big test. If my child understands the need to thoroughly study and absorb the material, I think our state decision makers should follow suit as it evaluates and restructures Medicaid for the 1.7 million Georgians who currently receive benefits.

Recently, the state published a report outlining steps to save money on the Medicaid program. In my opinion, this report disregards the needs of many of our residents, particularly the elderly, individuals with mental illness and the children served through foster care.

While I’m an advocate for the state tightening its belt during these tough fiscal times, hurting those who are most fragile is not the route we should take to accomplish this goal. I suggest that the state take its time in evaluating and assessing the needs of this group of citizens before making drastic and ill-planned cuts, which could have devastating effects on this segment of our population.

Yes, the state needs to find ways to meet its own budget constraints. But hurting those who have no way to help themselves is not the way to go.

Jennifer Darby

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