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Your Views: DOT could do more to help prevent many fatal accidents
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Approximately three months ago, Patrick Kelley lost his life on Clarks Bridge Road just north of Honeysuckle Road, the site of several fatal accidents over the past several years. Subsequently, a DOT spokesperson stated the accident was under investigation and they would be looking at weather conditions, etc. and that it would be several months before the report would be available.

On March 6, a 20-year-old Clermont man was killed on Ga. 365 at Ramsey Road. The Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team is investigating that incident, which will take several months.

Approximately one mile south of Ramsey Road at the intersection of Howard Road and Ga. 365 (J.A. Walters YMCA is located on one side and the new Race Trak service station on the other), a DOT spokesperson said there was a study made at the Howard Road intersection, and it did not meet the threshold for traffic lights. I understand the DOT criteria for justifying traffic lights is probably volumes long and very specific.

In the case of Howard Road, is the DOT going to wait for another fatal accident and then have the Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team investigate?

In the case of Howard Road, we do need more investigations to determine if it meets the criteria for traffic lights, while at the same time using some judgment and common sense before a tragedy occurs.

It is time the DOT and the appropriate government agencies become proactive instead of reactive.

Roger Futrell

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